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Outdoor Fireplaces: Designs for a Beautiful Backyard

Posted by Samantha Dilday on January 2, 2015

 Incorporating a fire feature into your outdoor space provides many wonderful benefits. They provide warmth on chilly nights, are a space for your friends and family to gather around, and the flames can even provide you with a sense of calm as they crackle and glow. There are a variety of outdoor fireplaces you can select between to match your home’s outdoor design.

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Best Backyard Makeover Accessory: Propane Fire Pit Table

Posted by Victoria Colditz on December 20, 2014

Designing the perfect backyard is not an easy task. There is a copious amount of planning, envisioning, and oftentimes re-planning that goes along with designing the ideal outdoor space. You want your patio and landscape to look flawless and luxurious, but also effortless and fun simultaneously. It may not seem easy to accomplish, but there’s one statement piece that incorporates first-class design, excitement, charm and luxury: a gorgeous fire table.

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Best Patio Accents: Outdoor Water Features and Fire Elements

Posted by Victoria Colditz on November 21, 2014

Designing your ideal outdoor space can be difficult. With so many options and styles, it’s easy for your mind to be cluttered with many different ideas. You want to conceive a certain look and feel when designing your backyard. You want your guests to admire the decor and accents that you worked so hard to pick out and install. But because there are so many things to choose from, people either overcrowd their patio with too many accessories, or they leave it bare because they don’t know what to add at all.

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Fire Pit Table vs Fire Pit for Outdoor Living Spaces

Posted by Erin Wachtel on October 20, 2014

There are many things to consider when improving your outdoor living space. Your color scheme, appliances, countertop selection, outdoor kitchen layout, and more all need to be decided. One of the hardest decisions to make is selecting between a fire pit table vs fire pits. Both have great benefits for entertaining your guests and creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere in your backyard. As you choose between these outdoor fire features, keep these factors in mind:

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