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Top 3 Outdoor Kitchen Appliances

Posted by Samantha Dilday on December 17, 2014

An outdoor kitchen is one of the most revered luxuries you can have in your backyard. Incorporating the right outdoor kitchen appliances in your kitchen is fundamental for functionality all year-round. These are the top three kitchen appliances that are essential for an ideal outdoor dining and cooking area.

Refrigerator or Mini-Fridge

It might seem odd to have a refrigerator just a few feet away from the one indoors, but outdoor refrigerators are indeed practical. A cool place to store drinks, fruit, and other fresh foods makes your life that much easier when it’s in arm’s reach. You can entertain guests or cook a full meal without ever having to make the trek back inside! You may not even need to use a full-sized refrigerator either. A decently sized mini-fridge can hold all your drinks and any other small items you might want to enjoy.

shutterstock_3213934_(1)Grill and Burner

There’s no better meal to enjoy outdoors than authentically cooked barbeque. That’s why an outdoor grill is an absolutely essential outdoor kitchen appliance. Build a grill into the kitchen counters for a luxury look and feel that still provides plenty of space for seating. Or instead of taking up more counter space with a side burner for sauteing delicious dishes, enjoy the dual-function of a Firetainment table as a grill and a dining space. For those days you don’t want to worry about the hassle of cleaning the entire grill, Firetainment tables are great for cooking a full meal as well with less hassle.

Heater, Fire Pit, or Fire Pit Table

If you live in a colder climate, or even in the South during the winter months, a portable heater or fire pit would be a great investment. Portable heaters can be transported anywhere around your outdoor kitchen patio to supply adjustable heat for you and your guests. A fire pit will also provide warmth, while giving you the ability to create s’mores and more.

If you’d like to utilize your fire pit for more culinary delights, a fire pit table serves the same functions, while giving you even more cooking and dining capabilities. With a fire pit table, you can warm up by the fire, cook delicious hibachi-style meals, and even dine around the table’s granite, quartz or copper table top. Firetainment fire pit tables can provide your home with the perfect amount of warmth for those chilly nights and the right amount of fire to cook for the whole family.

Start designing your outdoor kitchen, complete with all of the necessary appliances, today. Browse through our curated fire table collections, and select one with all the features you’re looking for in the perfect outdoor kitchen appliance for your backyard space.

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