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The 4 Most Beautiful Backyard Patio Ideas

Posted by Erin Wachtel on November 16, 2014

Designing a beautiful backyard patio takes a lot of time and dedication. You want the style to meet all of your needs: the price, the layout, the furniture, the accessories. Sometimes it’s finding that one piece that makes your entire outdoor space look like something right out of a magazine. And once you find that piece, you get a better idea of what else will fit right in and add to the design. With these beautiful backyard patio ideas and features, you can find the inspiration and motivation that you’ve been needing to turn your backyard into the ideal outdoor retreat.

Pergola1. Pergola.

A pergola is an archway or covering consisting of a framework that usually has intertwining plants along the frame. They’re a chic, sophisticated patio element that also have many useful functions. They provide nice poolside shade and can protect furniture from inclement weather. By placing lounge chairs or a comfy loveseat underneath the pergola, you have a peaceful, relaxing space to read a book or enjoy some cocktails right by the pool. Pergolas come in all designs, colors and sizes, so it should be very easy choosing one with the exact style that matches the atmosphere you want to create. Cozy furnishings and an elegant color scheme, like royal blues, are all accessories that can complement any style of pergola that you choose.

2. Outdoor kitchen.

Adding an outdoor kitchen to your patio not only gives you the option to entertain your guests outdoors, but it is also a great design element. Especially if you style the cabinets, countertop, and appliances according to the design that you want, a kitchen could be that one amazing feature that your patio is missing. Look for a wider countertop that can double as a table, so that your guests have plenty of seating. Outdoor kitchens allow you to entertain in a fun and interesting way. Barbeques, pool parties and get-togethers become much easier, effortless and enjoyable when you have everything you need right there. If your patio is a little too small to add a kitchen, outdoor bars also make for a luxurious patio entertainment piece, and they come in all different sizes.

3. Cascading fountain.

Fountains can be placed at the heart of your patio to make it the primary focus of your outdoor space. Finding a unique fountain that fits your style seems challenging, but there are many different designs to choose from. From romantic and European-style to fun and Asian-inspired, finding a beautiful outdoor fountain that suits your style should be a breeze. This water feature works great as a centerpiece because it draws people’s attention right to it. Guests can admire the piece immediately upon walking onto the patio, as their eyes wander around the rest of the yard, taking in the other secondary stylistic elements.  

4. Fire table.

A fire table is the perfect outdoor piece for any patio. This unique outdoor fire feature incorporates the elements of a fireplace and a fire pit, but adds even more functionality. You can cook delicious food for guests, provide atmospheric lighting by adjusting the flame height, and lounge around the table with friends and family. Not only do fire tables add function and activity to your patio, but they even provide a stylistic feature as well.

Because there are so many different tables to choose from, you can start designing your patio based on the design of the table you select. For example, each collection of tables at Firetainment incorporate distinct design elements. You can find tables with sleek, modern edges, tables with a high-end, handcrafted appeal, and more. You can also customize many of the options to tailor the table even further in order to fit the concept you’re crafting.

You have a picture in your head of what you want your patio to look like. You know the atmosphere and mood that you want people to feel when they walk outdoors. You can create that ideal effortlessly by choosing one statement piece that you love everything about, and arranging all of the other stylistic elements around it.

Choose something that matches the colors, the styles, the mood, and the look that you want to incorporate into your patio. Then it’s easy to find all of the other things that will complement that one piece and tie everything together in the end.

Designing the perfect patio is a process, but it doesn’t have to  be a long and difficult one. To get started, visit and shop our collections of fire tables. You'll surely fall in love with one and from there, the rest of your patio will all come together.

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