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How to Find the Perfect Outdoor Table for Your Patio

Posted by Desja Fagins on June 1, 2015

Finding the patio table that’s perfect for your outdoor space and for entertaining can be challenging -- there are so many options! Not all of the patio tables available will serve this multi-use space the way you’d like them to. If you’re looking for an outdoor table that will serve multiple functions and purpose including enhancing your overall backyard design, these tips will help you find the best one.


Choosing Your Patio Table

Make Sure it Matches: Many outdoor tables come with patio chairs in matching sets. That way, you won't have to search for chairs separately. You can also mix and match different colors and styles of chairs, chaise lounges, or couches for a more interesting, modern look. However, chairs should be the same size and height. Your entire design should also blend with the rest of your home, considering most people's patios are connected to the kitchen or living room. Make sure the tables you're looking into match the feel of the outdoor room you're trying to create. 



Create a Focal Point: The right table is a natural place for people to gather to talk and relax. A fire table has a propane fire pit in the center that is filled with colored fire glass or lava rock. Guests can cook delicious Hibachi-style meals, roast marshmallows, or just gather around the cozy fire. You can adjust the flame height to change the light, ambiance, or heat level, and make your patio more pleasant during winter or at night. This type of table is just one example of how to create a focal point using an elegant outdoor table with exciting features.


199H-767156-editedProtect Yourself and Table From the Elements: Use a garden umbrella, an awning, or a pergola for shade during hot summer days. These patio accessories protect tables and chairs from rain and other hazards that could cause wear and tear, and they can dully complement your table underneath. Awnings and umbrellas can be permanent or retractable. You can also let guests adjust their own shade with a unique umbrella for each chair.



Choose Your Material: The careful selection of manufactured materials is a key source to making sure that your patio table and chairs are the right fit for you. Patio materials must be strong enough to stand the elements of your geographic location as well provide the confident feeling of lasting comfort. Common materials such as wrought iron, wicker, wood, and aluminum are proven to be some of the leading choices among outdoor designers.  Each material, however, has its respective advantages and drawbacks. Consider your lifestyle habits and climate location. Ultimately ideal material decision should be based upon preferred ease of maintenance, mobility, and overall design aesthetic


Include these important factors when finding your ideal outdoor table, then choosing the rest of your patio furniture will be a breeze. Just select items that match the style of your distinct table design. If you're interested in enhancing the beauty of your patio with a gorgeous fire table, contact the Firetainmet team today to begin customizing the perfect outdoor table for your patio.

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