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Outdoor Kitchen Ideas that will Spice Up Your Parties

Posted by Samantha Dilday on October 27, 2014

outdoor-kitchen-ideasFood is a staple element at any party, and nothing will impress your guests more than a beautifylly designed outdoor kitchen. Your outdoor kitchen should be equipped to serve your guests, allow you to prepare a delicious meal, and provide space for socializing. If you want to create an ideal outdoor space for entertaining, these outdoor kitchen ideas will get your backyard up to party standards.

Make room for a drink station. Think outside of the standard cooler filled with ice and canned sodas, and opt for a drink station your guests will swoon over. Save room in your design plans to install an outdoor wet bar, complete with room for a sink, glasses, beverages and mixes. If you like to serve wine, also save space for a wine cooler. Your guests will love the convenience of these additions and soon your backyard will become the go-to outdoor party space.

Consider your lighting. Lighting sets the mood for any party. It will either put your guests at ease or leave your party feeling lackluster. Candles and fire will warm up the atmosphere and put your guests at ease.

Group your seating. The seating arrangements in your patio space can bring everyone together, or leave your party guests scattered. Create groups of seating so everyone can be included in socializing. You can set up seats at your outdoor bar, put chairs around your patio tables and incorporate extra patio chairs and sofas for larger parties. 

Get everyone involved in cooking. Usually the person on the grill is the person least involved in the party. With the right outdoor cooking station set up, you can get everyone involved in the cooking process and make meal preparation part of your entertainment. Fire pit tables are the perfect addition to any outdoor space for exactly this reason. These outdoor patio tables have plenty of room for holding all of your ingredients, and the fire in the center is the perfect cooking station for making fondue, s’mores, Hibachi-style cooking, sauteing or grilling. Get everyone together and interacting by making cooking a joint effort.

Add multi-use patio furniture. You can make the best use of your outdoor space by incorporating patio furniture with multiple uses. Fire pit tables are becoming a huge trend in outdoor kitchen appliances. Much like a fire pit, they allow you and your guests to gather around for entertainment, conversation and ambiance. But the functionality of a fire pit table extends far beyond that. This fire feature isn’t just for looks - it’s for cooking too. This means that whoever is playing chef for the night never has to leave the party and isolate themselves at the grill. They can cook around the table, where all of the party guests are sitting. These eye-catching tables create an incredible outdoor entertaining space that your guests will marvel at.

These ideas are sure to take your party to the next level. Get started with your outdoor kitchen redesign today by viewing our fire table collections. With gorgeous models of all styles, you’re sure to find a table that will fit perfectly in your backyard's outdoor cooking space.

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