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Luxurious Must-Have Outdoor Bar Essentials

Posted by Desja Fagins on June 11, 2015


If you want to create a superb backyard atmosphere that will impress all of your guests, you can’t just have a porch, a deck, and a grill. You need a luxurious outdoor bar, with all the must-have bar essentials to compliment it. Here’s a list of the essentials you need to make your outdoor bar experience more cohesive.

Say goodbye to the days of running out of seating, and running back and forth for mixers, glasses and other bar supplies. This list of outdoor bar essentials will make your life easier and allow you and your guests to enjoy your party without any inconveniences.

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Portable Bar 

If you're fond of changing the location of your parties week after week, then you may want to look at a bar with some mobility, probably with some wheels, and with wheel locks, to move around. The mobility will allow you movement to areas near the lounge, the fire table, the pool, or the garden.


Wet Versus Dry Bars

For a wet bar, you'll want to equip it with running water, a refrigerator, and beverage taps. Wet bars are primarily used if you're entertaining a large number of guests because they have greater functionality. On the other hand, dry bars lack as much functionality, but they are more economical.

However, it takes more than a single piece of furniture to make a luxurious outdoor bar. You additionally need to have the right accessories.



Let's begin with the main one, a refrigerator. You need not drag bag after bag of ice from the house; you can just have outside what you use inside, a refrigerator. Choose a refrigerator model that fits flawlessly under the bar top and that matches the style of your patio well.



Next you'll need a blender. If you'll be making the refreshing frozen tropical drinks, then a blender is a must-have accessory, to ensure you serve smooth drinks that are properly mixed.


Glasses, Tumblers, and Wine Decanters

Then you need good whisky tumblers, a cocktail shaker, and cocktail glasses. Wine and Champagne is another serious bar essential. For the wine section, you need to have glasses, decanters, coasters, pitchers, buckets, and champagne flutes for the unpredictable wine lovers.


Chairs and Lounge Areas

Seating is one of the important parts of the bar. Make sure the outdoor bar provides enough space for lounging and socializing for your guests. You'll want to have bar stools for few guests, but you should provide additional seating, such as a fire table or lounge chairs, for more than four guests.


Portable Drink Cart

Finally, a portable drink cart would provide convenience of movement, following the party and offering a unique element.


Fire Table

For colder evenings, an outdoor fire table is the perfect seating solution, where you can roll your portable drink cart and continue enjoying your drinks. A staple luxury accessory, such as a Firetainment fire table allows you to cook delicious meals and to enjoy a relaxing evening by the fire with drink in hand.

To begin designing your ideal outdoor bar space, complete with a luxurious Firetainment fire table, browse our elegant collection of fire tables. 

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