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Elegant Backyard Essentials: Pergola Designs & Styles

Posted by Desja Fagins on July 10, 2015

Pergolas are a beautiful way to add a structured design feature to your outdoor space. A pergola not only adds a unique design element, but also provides the shade you need to make your patio a restful and welcoming space. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you select a pergola design and incorporate it into your patio space.


Pergola design options


Pergolas are basically a garden and backyard feature comprising of vertical posts supporting a roof like structure. Pergola designs range across a wide variety. They were traditionally stone, brick and wooden but have shifted toward steel, aluminum, fiberglass and other longer lasting materials. Pergolas are among the unique and fast rising backyard design elements. The unique element about them is that their customizable. It is extremely rare to find two similar pergolas, especially the ones that you build yourself.

Design wise, you may decide to go with a detached pergola that is set on its own in the open, or one attached to the main house. This is totally a choice you have to make yourself. You should conduct some research on the available options, their costs and the ability of the contractor to complete the project as per your instructions, and to suit your needs. 

There are several decorative options available as well. They can be custom designed and built, from the posts to the roof. For a more traditional or contemporary look, posts should incorporate curving and dark stained wood.

Building a pergola


Putting up a pergola is a relatively easy task that need not be stressful. The help of a handyman is best sought if you are not particularly good with your hands and with building tools. There are some preliminary checks that need to be conducted, including checking for gas, electric and water systems and passageways underneath, as well as the integrity and past work of the contractor you hire for the job.


Furnishing a pergola


Your pergola should incorporate comfortable and practical furniture elements. Outdoor couches, benches and chairs provide the perfect space for you and your guests to sit and relax. For patio tables, look for those that provide multiple functions, like a fire table. Fire tables act as points of interest and a unique and memorable way of entertaining guests. They act as a patio table and have a fire in the middle of the table that allows you and your guests to cook or just enjoy the ambiance of the table‚Äôs flames. 

Fire pits in the center of a table are an emblem of style for your backyard. They are available in different styles and designs to match your unique design perspective. The wide range of designs allow you to make a choice that rhymes well with the rest of your backyard and house for a harmonious look and feel of that desired ambiance.

Pergolas may seem like just another design element or addition into your backyard. However, this seemingly simple structures can be the it factor if done well. The ability to customize your pergola allows you to put your own style in them. Additional features such as fire tables can be installed.  Firetainment offers a variety of styles and sizes, so visit our product collection to find one that suits your design and style needs.

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