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DIY Outdoor Kitchen Tips for a Beautiful Finish

Posted by Desja Fagins on July 31, 2015

Creating a beautiful DIY outdoor kitchen that both guests and family will love is easier than you may think. By adding a few decorative do-it-yourself elements, along with some durable, purchased appliances you can turn your project into the one space everyone enjoys spending time in. Use these tips to create the perfect mix of DIY decor items and beautiful outdoor accessories in your outdoor kitchen space. 


Best DIY Ideas for an Outdoor Kitchen

2012_10_19_9999_7-977757-editedThere are some wonderful tutorials on how to create your own outdoor kitchen. If you can think it, you can find a way to make it. But a few DIY projects for outdoor kitchens that we love are those for outdoor water features, sinks, built-in grills and outdoor bars.

Outdoor sinks and water features allow for so many unique designs. You can add some rustic DIY flair to your outdoor kitchen by building an outdoor sink out of an old wine barrel, or creating a unique waterfall feature by lining up a chain of watering cans.

You can also create beautiful, but simple outdoor bars and built-in grills by utilizing plywood and stone veneer. Just start by measuring out the space you want to use, gather your materials and start building. This DIY project still maintains a high-end look and feel.

Outdoor surfaces need to be strong and durable


The surface of materials used to construct everything in your DIY outdoor kitchen need to be tough and durable to withstand the weather. Selecting surfaces and hardware made of stainless steel or similar metal, colorful stone, slate, tile and even stucco is the best choice for outdoor kitchen designs. It's a good idea to ensure all materials selected are rated for use in exterior applications. You should also make sure the patio space and surface you plan on using for your DIY outdoor kitchen design is safe for the weight and changes you'll be making.

Incorporate beautiful appliances and furniture


To keep your outdoor kitchen from looking like a craft gone wrong, be sure to incorporate some nicer, purchased items throughout your kitchen design.

For the things you can’t make yourself, we recommend incorporating these accessories into your outdoor kitchen to create a welcoming and well-thought out space. Invest in a refrigerator (even if it’s a mini) so that you won’t be caught running between the inside of your home to your outdoor kitchen. 

Traditional side-tables can be built, but your main patio table should be a focal point. For a truly unique patio table, incorporate a fire table into your outdoor kitchen’s seating and dining arrangements. A fire table can be used for cooking, dining and even just mingling. Fire tables allow for multiple cooking options including the standard roasting marshmallows. Use a cast iron skillet or wok for hibachi-style grilling, a fondue set for delicious appetizers and desserts and a dutch oven for soups and more! Adding a fire table to your outdoor kitchen space will make any outdoor get together even more fun and enjoyable for the family and friends.

Crafting a beautiful outdoor kitchen on your own may seem tough, but it can be a breeze and a lot of fun if you have the right tools. Still having trouble creating your dream DIY outdoor kitchen? Have a look through our one-of-a-kind collections of luxurious and elegant fire tables. From classic to contemporary designs, we have a fire table to suit the needs and visual appeal of your friends and family, and add fun to any occasion.

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