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How to Create an Outdoor Living Room in Your Backyard

Posted by Erin Wachtel on January 7, 2015

Having a functional backyard to host parties or relax in is one of the greatest luxuries of being a homeowner. The concept of creating this space might seem overwhelming to some, but it doesn’t have to be! You can easily set up the perfect outdoor living room for you and your family with the following approach. 


To get started, you should ensure that your backyard has a section with stable foundation. Perhaps your backyard already has a patio area for you to embellish, but if that’s not the case, it’s not a problem!
Laying brick pavers down or building a slightly raised wood platform are viable options for your outdoor living room’s flooring. Brick pavers are the perfect urban look, while wood is rustic and chic.


For some, a screen or overhead pavillion may be viable options as for covering. The great thing about both of these options is the upgrade in privacy and protection. A screen shades out a portion of beaming sun rays, and simultaneously prevents pesky bug bites. A pavilion is the ideal structure from which you can hang outdoor curtains to create a more wholesome, homey look and provide you with full privacy whenever you please. Choose contrasting colors against the structure and foundation when selecting curtains or other decorative pieces for a fun, modern look.



Your next step in transforming your backyard into a practical living space is to furnish it. Try to pick furniture that is comfortable, durable, and weather-proof so it will last long, and you’ll get your money’s worth. Two suitable materials to choose from are aluminum and wicker. Neither option will rust if left outdoors for long periods of time, and both are light weight for you to rearrange whenever you need to accommodate guests.

Furnishings with cushions are also a luxurious addition. While a standard patio set provides seating, adding weather-proof fabric will enhance the comfort of your backyard living room.


After you have all the main components, you can begin to add decorative accents. Outdoor wall sconces or rope lighting at the edge of the patio provide warm lighting for nighttime rendezvous, and a few complementing pillows can make your backyard look like an outdoor living room. Don’t hesitate to bring some of your home’s indoor charm to the outdoors.

Focal Point

Lastly, select a usable focal piece to bring it all together. An outdoor coffee table or fire table are the perfect finishing pieces for your livable backyard. Any central table is necessary for providing a place to set personal belongings for you and your guests. Fire tables also serve as a place to cook, while giving off warmth and natural lighting.

Creating an outdoor living room is a viable option for any backyard. With these helpful hints you’ll be able to comfortably revel in the privacy of yours in no time. To begin designing your outdoor living room, browse through our distinct collections of fire tables. Contact our team today at 1-888-769-3444 to help get you started enjoying life outdoors!

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