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Best Backyard Makeover Accessory: Propane Fire Pit Table

Posted by Victoria Colditz on December 20, 2014

Designing the perfect backyard is not an easy task. There is a copious amount of planning, envisioning, and oftentimes re-planning that goes along with designing the ideal outdoor space. You want your patio and landscape to look flawless and luxurious, but also effortless and fun simultaneously. It may not seem easy to accomplish, but there’s one statement piece that incorporates first-class design, excitement, charm and luxury: a gorgeous fire table.A fire table encompasses everything that you’re looking for when giving your outdoor space a renovation. Here are some of the reasons why a propane fire pit table is the ultimate accessory for your backyard makeover.


Entertaining guests, friends and family has never been easier. A fire table is the ultimate entertainment accessory that wins everyone over, from a fun night roasting marshmallows with the kids, to a sophisticated evening of wine drinking and great conversation. Placing the table at HansenB140827-7714the center of a comfortable and elegant outdoor furniture collection allows your guests to bask in the warming fire of the table, while having a surface to play games or set their drinks on top. This fire feature is an ideal gathering spot for company, especially if it’s made the focal point of your patio. 


Like a fire pit, fire pit tables are perfect for relaxing and spending time with your friends and family. And they also allow you to cook and dine alfresco! Propane fire tables enable a hibachi-style cooking experience unlike any other. Because they function with the utility of a grill, you’re able to cook an endless amount of different foods and tailored recipes without having to step away from the party.

Gathering family around the table for a fondue night is just one of the fun and entertaining features that this piece contributes to your outdoor space. Get everyone involved in the cooking, and take turns making meals and perfecting recipes or even roasting marshmallows over the open flame. The tables’ cooking functions make it the perfect backyard makeover accessory, and the perfect outdoor entertaining accessory as well.


Not only do these tables provide a means of entertainment and functionality, but they also contribute amazing design elements to your backyard makeover that goes beyond comparison. A fire table can beautifully complement the style, mood, and feel that you want to capture in your backyard makeover.  Whether your home’s outdoor design style is bohemian, modern, European, or rustic, our fire pit table collections can match any atmosphere that you’ve crafted.

With high-end finish options like granite, quartz, and copper, a fire pit table can become the focal point of your backyard, while still remaining completely tailored to your tastes.

Along with these imperative design elements, you can use this unique outdoor feature to create a warm ambiance in your backyard. Adjust a lower flame height for a more intimate and cozy atmosphere, or add warmth and glow with a taller flame. With all of the uniquely mesmerizing functions of a fire pit table, your backyard makeover couldn’t be more elegant and effortless.

Spice up your backyard with a makeover that everyone will swoon over. Browse through our beautiful fire table collections, curated and stylized to match any backyard design. Contact us today to begin personalizing your unique table to match the ideal backyard vision that you’ve been chasing after.

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