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DIY Outdoor Kitchen Tips for a Beautiful Finish

Posted by Desja Fagins on July 31, 2015

Creating a beautiful DIY outdoor kitchen that both guests and family will love is easier than you may think. By adding a few decorative do-it-yourself elements, along with some durable, purchased appliances you can turn your project into the one space everyone enjoys spending time in. Use these tips to create the perfect mix of DIY decor items and beautiful outdoor accessories in your outdoor kitchen space. 

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Elegant Backyard Essentials: Pergola Designs & Styles

Posted by Desja Fagins on July 10, 2015

Pergolas are a beautiful way to add a structured design feature to your outdoor space. A pergola not only adds a unique design element, but also provides the shade you need to make your patio a restful and welcoming space. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you select a pergola design and incorporate it into your patio space.

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5 Need-to-Know Outdoor Dining Ideas for Your Patio Space

Posted by Desja Fagins on June 26, 2015

Your patio can be a great place for entertaining and outdoor dining. Having friends and family over to enjoy a good meal and just sit and relax is a great way to spend a day or an evening. When it comes to entertaining on your patio, there are a few essentials that will make your dining experience more pleasant.

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Luxurious Must-Have Outdoor Bar Essentials

Posted by Desja Fagins on June 11, 2015

If you want to create a superb backyard atmosphere that will impress all of your guests, you can’t just have a porch, a deck, and a grill. You need a luxurious outdoor bar, with all the must-have bar essentials to compliment it. Here’s a list of the essentials you need to make your outdoor bar experience more cohesive.

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How to Find the Perfect Outdoor Table for Your Patio

Posted by Desja Fagins on June 1, 2015

Finding the patio table that’s perfect for your outdoor space and for entertaining can be challenging -- there are so many options! Not all of the patio tables available will serve this multi-use space the way you’d like them to. If you’re looking for an outdoor table that will serve multiple functions and purpose including enhancing your overall backyard design, these tips will help you find the best one.

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Topics: Backyard Redesigns, Outdoor Furniture