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7 High-End Wet Bar Designs for Your Patio

Posted by Shawn Clark on November 25, 2014

Outdoor wet-bars are a huge trend in patio design, and a must-have for homeowners who love to entertain. They’ll give your outdoor space that high-end, luxury feel where you and your guests can relax and spend time. Installing an outdoor wet-bar in your backyard adds more than convenience--it turns your outdoor space into the perfect space for entertaining. Here are 8 beautiful wet bar designs for your patio. Pick the one you love, and you can experience the luxury of having your own personal, outdoor living space to relax in, host parties and more.

  1. Indoor-Outdoor: If you have a kitchen window that overlooks your backyard, it’s perfect for converting Wet_bar_designsinto a bar. Install shutter windows that you can open and close as you please, and build in a countertop that will reach from the inside of your kitchen, to your outdoor space. This way, you’ll easily be able to get drinks and ingredients from your kitchen to your outdoor bar. Spice it up with some barstools for your guests to sit, and add shelves on either side of the outdoor bar to hold drink mixes. Since you already have a sink inside, you don’t have to worry about installing plumbing in your  newly transformed wet bar.

  1. Screened-In: Keeping the bugs (and their bites) away is definitely a bonus when you want to enjoy the outdoors for a drink or two. That’s why it’s nice to have a screened-in area on your patio. Enjoy the comfort of the partition without caging in your entire yard by simply screening in the portion of your patio where your bar is. Nothing is better than having a fully functioning wet bar outside with no bugs to ruin the party.

  1. Naturesque: For those of you who love the outdoors but aren’t able to enjoy the majestic view of mountains from your window every day, you can bring nature to you. Design a wet bar that utilizes rockscape throughout the architecture. In each corner or at the edges of your patio, place matching rock columns that can hold planters. These will add more greenery to your outdoor escape. Save some room in your bar space for a fire table as well so that you can experience the joys of cooking, and dining in your new beautiful bar space. Our fire pit tables will allow you to cook a variety of delectable meals and dine alfresco style by the ambiance of the fire.

  1. Rustic: Add some country flair to your outdoor area with a beautiful, rustic themed bar. Finish the front with wood and include a contrasting, cream or black countertop to add to the rural feeling! You can even add a matching, white quartz table-top fire table into the mix. Keep your wet bar design simple with austere lanterns for lighting; and use a wooden barrel for a remodeled sink.

  1. Gazebo: The quaintness of a gazebo is a relaxing thing to look at, especially after a long day of work. Build your wet bar under one to enjoy a drink whether there’s rain or shine. A slightly raised platform above the ground allows for a carefree drinking experience without any water damage to your shoes during those dull, rainy seasons.

  1. Square Pavillion: A gazebo can be built in the corner of your backyard, but if you don’t like the looks of the dollhouse archetype, don’t fret! You can design a wet bar to be built under the pavillion of your choosing. 

  1. Tiki: Tiki bars are one of the biggest, commercialized commodities in tropical locations. So, who wouldn’t want one custom-built in their own yard? Using palm leaves, coconuts, and various tropical decor you can have a unique cabana-like wet bar on your patio and take a vacation at home when you step right outside.

Having one of these personalized wet bar designs in your backyard is an awesome treat, so share the amenity with the whole family! Bring a Firetainment table to your patio and amplify the uses for your bar. Visit our product collection online to get a quote, or call us today at 1-888-769-3444. We’d be happy to help you decide what’s best for your home!

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